Saturday, July 03, 2010


The men behind the web of lies:

SATISH and DEEPAK KALPOE the World has not forgotten NATALEE HOLLOWAY and we have not forgotten you. Loyal friends and supporters of JORAN VAN DER SLOOT

above the link to the many lies told by these boys--- How do the parents look them in their eyes day after day knowing now that Joran has finally been caught- How does it feel Mrs Kalpoe to be a mother with children involved in a Killing and YOU made them lie and get away with it?


"NEW YORK (CBS) Peru police told 48 Hours | Mystery that they believe 
Joran van der Sloot, the man accused of killing Peruvian student 
Stephany Flores, disposed of the SIM card in his cell phone before 
he was apprehended."

Are we even surprised by this lol the sim card removes his contacts but are records really gone? 
Which company was his provider.?
If Aruba those records are gone up in 
smoke lol

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tatiana Flores Stephany Ramirez was found dead in Lima, Peru
after having been seen with Joran Van Der Sloot.
He was caught on surveillance cameras, doing his jig and now the jig is up.
I held my breath, I prayed the the Arubian hand of Justice would not touch Peru.
Despite the horrid murders that we know of including Natalee Holloway
5 years to the day of the latest.
Mr Joran Van Der Sloot is now begging for what his victims more than likely
begged for "Their Life"
Accused murderer Joran van der Sloot passed his first nights in a Peruvian jail
terrified that he'd be killed by inmates. He is now willing to trade the location of
Natalee Holloway's body for jail time in Aruba

In Celebration of Peru getting Joan Van Der Sloot

Joran good night, Joran good night,
Good night Joran, good night Joran,
We'll see you in the news.

Last Friday morn We got the great news,
Me and the world rejoiced,
Now Joran is safely in Prison,
I think We'll go out on the town.

Sometimes he lives in Aruba,
Sometimes he lives in Thailand,
Sometimes he takes a great notion
To hunt down a girl and kill.

Joran, God knows I will,
I'll pray 'til the seas run dry,
But if you don't survive one year,
It's because of lessons not learnt.

Stop rambling and your gambling,
Stop staying out late at night,
Go home to your brothers and mother,
Stay there by their fireside bright.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 6 & 7 at the Winter Olympics

Nesbitt captures Canada's first speedskating gold

Canada wins short-track silver

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Golden Girl

Golden girl
Maelle Ricker clears a jump on her way to gold in the women's snowboard cross final at Cypress Mountain.

Snowboard pioneer Canada's newest golden girl

15-year veteran Ricker crowned Queen of Cypress

Wishing All a fruitful & meaningful LENT

This Lent...........

Give up complaining.....focus on gratitude.

Give up pessimism...become an optimist.

Give up harsh judgments...think kindly thoughts.

Give up Divine Providence.

Give up full of hope.

Give up bitterness......turn to forgiveness.

Give up hatred.....return good for evil.

Give up a positive.

Give up more patient.

Give up pettiness.....become more mature.

Give up gloom.....enjoy the beauty that is all around you.

Give up jealousy....pray for trust.

Give up gossiping.....control your tongue.

Give up sin.....turn to virtue.

Give up giving up....hang in there!!!!!

The attachment will also help us to contemplate and meditate the Suffering, Death

and Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Wishing you a prayerful and Reflective Lenten Season

Circle of Palms with Words


Clean Monday (Monday, February 15, 2010)

Ash Wednesday (Wednesday, February 17, 2010)

First Sunday of Lent (Sunday, February 21, 2010)

Second Sunday of Lent (Sunday, February 28, 2010)

Third Sunday of Lent (Sunday, March 7, 2010)

Fourth Sunday of Lent (Laetare Sunday) (Sunday, March 14, 2010)

Feast of Saint Patrick (Wednesday, March 17, 2010)

Feast of Saint Joseph (Friday, March 19, 2010)

Fifth Sunday of Lent (Passion Sunday) (Sunday, March 21, 2010)

The Annunciation of the Lord (Thursday, March 25, 2010)

Palm Sunday (Sunday, March 28, 2010)

Holy Thursday (Thursday, April 1, 2010)

Good Friday (Friday, April 2, 2010)

Holy Saturday (Saturday, April 3, 2010)

Easter (Sunday, April 4, 2010)


Wishing you a prayerful Lenten season!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Silver Lining for Canada

Canada's Robertson takes snowboard cross silver

"Snowboarder Mike Robertson spent much of Monday afternoon staring down an empty mountain, until American Seth Wescott overtook him late in the final to edge out the Canadian for Olympic gold.

"It was kind of bittersweet," said Robertson. "Obviously I wanted to win for sure, but I'm so happy to be second. It's amazing.""

Amazing proformance.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Canada wins gold

WEST VANCOUVER, B.C. - Canada's Olympic gold medal drought at home is finally over.

Freestyle skier Alexandre Bilodeau has won a gold medal in men's moguls at the Vancouver Olympics.

It's the first time Canada has won a gold medal at its own Games.

Canada failed to win gold in Montreal in 1976 and Calgary in 1988.

A Bronze for Canada!!!!

RICHMOND, B.C. — Kristina Groves has put Canada's powerhouse long-track speedskating team on the board at the Winter Olympics. One Hour ago...

""It was incredible. It was such a gutsy race," said Cindy Klassen. " was quoted as saying in the Canadian Press.

Canadian speedskater Kristina Groves wins Olympic bronze medal

Skier Jennifer Heil proud to earn Canada's first Olympic medal — silver

Canada's silver medallist Jennifer Heil raises her hands during the flower ceremony following the Women's Moguls Freestyle Skiing Final at Cypress Mountain during the Vancouver Winter Olympics on Feb. 13.

Canada !st medal at the games and Canada Has a stron team so we are expecting a lot more....Way to go TEAM CANADA!!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jamaican bobsled team spectators 2010

Jamaican bobsled team Spectators this year

November 3, 2009 19:44
From The Canadian Press

The Jamaican bobsled team has not qualified for this year's Winter Olympics, but they're in Canada this week, hoping to learn the secrets of the Whistler Sliding Centre in the lead up to the Games. The underdog Jamaicans captured the...

Not because I am Jamaican but I have to say the bobsled teams from Jamaica have made a real effort and determination showing up to just look- Yes they may learn new tricks but most importantly Its a moment they will never forgot and all hope is not lost -- the team is still optimistic about their chances in 2014. I for one wish them the best. Though they were initially thought to be a one-time novelty act, the Jamaican bobsled team has continued to press on through the years. GOOD LUCK GUYS!!!!!!

Paulus Van Der Sloot gone at 58

They say retribution finally comes... I hope the same scary feeling Natalie had at her moment was the same Mr Van der sloot felt when he was unable to say Bye to his loved ones. What will he tell our maker? I shudder to think. Forget the service Anita he was not worth it...................................
AND BESIDES he never told the truth so why waste the service. If things work out well all the other 3 boys will go this year. I for one will not be wasting any tears.

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